National Speakers Competition

Be a part of the competition that has been growing every single year!

The National Speakers Competition, sponsored by Enterprise, features a preliminary round where you will send in a video presenting the prompt and the top scores will move on to the final LIVE round.

Important dates:

  • Preliminary round speech prompt released: Friday, March 5
  • Submission deadline for pre-recorded videos: March 26 at 5:00pm CDT
  • Finalists announced: Thursday, April 1 – in the evening
  • Live Round: Thursday, April 8 at 6pm CDT


You are the Talent Development Manager for Enterprise Holdings. One of best parts of your job is welcoming the new class of Management Trainees on the first day of orientation.
This particular “New Hire Orientation” is much anticipated as it is the first time in more than a year that a class will be meeting in person for training since the start of the pandemic. The hospitality industry was hit hard over the last year and the business experienced some challenging times. But now, the entire company is coming back and seeing growth.
As the Talent Development Manager, you will be the first to welcome the Management Trainees. In addition to sharing an overview of the company’s history, founding principles and corporate culture, your words are meant to inspire, uplift and bring out the best in this group of newly hired trainees.

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